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Medical Facility
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PCAF Medical Facility

Medical Facility

As we have 10 years experienced government & private veterinary doctors to prevent disease spreading and encourage growth, drug programs such as antibiotics, vitamins, hormones and other supplements are administered preemptively.. They have proper record of vaccinations and medical stuff as per their age group. Which allow us to monitor pigs' conditions, ensuring minimum fatalities and increased productivity. Piglets can be subjected to a range of treatments including castration, tail docking to reduce tail biting, teeth clipping (to reduce injuring their mother's nipples) and ear notching for litter identification. Treatments are usually made without pain killers. Weak runts may be slain shortly after birth. Injections with a high availability iron solution often are given, as sow's milk is low in iron.



1.Hand mating- It occurs when one female pig, either a sow or glit is mated with one boar. The advantage of this method is that the pigs to be mated can be chosen by the breeder. On the other hand it requires a lot of breeder's time and efforts.

2.Pen mating- It occurs when a lot of sows are brought to the boar's pen to breed. Using this method has an advantage that it does not require much time, Still there exists a major disadvantage in using this method though; the sows can only be bred after they have conceived once.