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The farm is spread in 1 acre of land which is equipped with all requisite facilities so that animals can be reared in healthy and hygienic environment. As we have mud facility at farm so they can roll in mud to keep cool and protect themselves from the sun's burning heat. This is their natural cooling mechanism Also there is proper Drainage and lighting system.


Housing, equipment, and supplies for raising swine

You will need to consider three things when designing housing for your pigs. First, pigs need a clean, dry, draft-free area under a roof to sleep. Second, pigs have specific space requirements that vary according to their weight. If pigs are crowded, they will be stressed, resulting in decreased growth rates. Finally, pigs--like people--have an ideal temperature at which they are most comfortable. This is called the thermo neutral zone. The ideal temperature for a growing pig is around 70° F; the ideal temperature for a finishing swine is slightly cooler, about 60° F. If the temperature falls below this ideal zone some types of bedding, such as wood shavings, should be used to keep the sleeping area warm. When the temperature rises well above 70° F, misters of water will help to cool your pigs.

Essential equipment includes:

  • Small, covered sleeping area
  • A hog feeder
  • Water barrel