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We offer boars which are good in quality widely used in making pork, bacon, ham,sausage etc.Also Boar hair is used in the manufactureof paintbrushes,especially those used for oil painting. Boar bristle paintbrushes are stiff enough to spread thick paint well, and the naturally split or "flagged" tip of the untrimmed bristle helps hold more paint. we ensure that they are kept in hygienic conditions and provided quality feed so their product can be served as high standard cuisine in leading hotels and restaurants. A pig of approximately 100kg(220 lb),ready for the market. Also a boar has a tremendous influence on a farm's productivity and profitability. In order to maximise the herd's performance and throughput,boars should receive careful attention.A boar must possess both the genetic potential to improve the performance of his progeny, and the physical soundness to remain an active breeder.Final selection for young boars can be carried out when they complete their performance testing between 20 and 30weeks of age.

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