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About Emu

Emu is the second largest bird in the world, extensively found in Australia. This soft-feathered, brown, non flying bird lives on grains, cereals, pulses and grass. Emus have small vestigial wings and long neck & legs. These birds have smaller head and 3 fingers on each toe. They possess 5 to 6 feet of height and 35 to 40 Kg of weight. Emu have more resistance to fight against diseases that help them to live in any kind of climate. White rounded bands are present on the body of 3 month’s chick. After 4 to 12 months the band colour changes from white to chocolate brown or brown and after 12 month the neck becomes featherless and the colours turns bluish. The Emu birds are largely farmed for their feather, nails, meat and oil.

Why Emu Farming

Emu farming is most convenient and profitable business. It is kind of farming where Emu birds are reared for their meat, eggs, nails, feather and oil. Emu farming is one of the fastest growing businesses in India. It is highly popular in Australia. Emu is a harmless bird, living on grains, cereals, pulses and grass. Its immune system is strong and hardly suffers from any diseases. As every part of the Emu is commercially precious therefore the bird is largely farmed. Emu has the ability to survive on extreme condition and they do not need any special accommodation for their stay. These birds can be reared in a limited place. Emu bird is non- violent bird and does not attack person during breeding period. It is an eco friendly and excellent business for anyone to earn hefty amount.

Here are a few basic facts about Emu :

Height at birth :
 8 - 10 inches
Adult Height :
 5 - 6 feet tall
Adult weight :
 100 - 140 pounds
Colour :
 Black and Brown
Health :
 Generally Robust, Hardy
Temperament :
 Friendly, Docile
Lifespan :
 30years (approx)
Breeding Method :
 Mated in pairs
Productive years :
 Up to 25 years
Eggs per year :
 10 to 20 eggs in the first breedingseason, gradually increases   up to 20-30 eggs in subsequent breeding seasons
Age at slughter:
 16 – 18 months
Incubation Period :
 48 - 52 days
Percentage of eggs hatched :
 Approximately 70 percent
Space per Adult bird
 600 sft red and hardy soil