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As we rear quality breed at our farm clients can avail piglets of 2-4 months of age group. All piglets are from large Yorkshire breed that grow fast and possess high percentage of meat.


The farm is spread in 1 acre of land which is equipped with all requisite facilities so that animals can be reared in healthy and hygienic environment. As we have mud facility at farm so they can roll in mud to keep cool.

Medical Facility

As we have 10 years experienced government & private veterinary doctors to prevent disease spreading and encourage growth, drug programs such as antibiotics, vitamins, hormones and other supplements are administered pre-emptively.


Company Overview

It's been Two years since we started our foray into the Animal Farming and today we are a well known name. We have gained significant industry expertise in animal farming i.e. Piggery, Emu and farm consultancy services.

Our aim is to sell pigs & Emu's of the highest quality. We understand how an animal lives adds more to flavour and quality than any other aspect of process. The company is based on live stock management like pigs & Emu farming.